Sitka Rocky Gutierrez to Ted Stevens Anchorage Intl
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Cessna Longitude
Flight Summary
A super-scenic, high-altitude flight from Sitka to Anchorage Alaska
1h 31m
Uploaded By: ZE315K
Flight Rules: IFR
Stops: 0
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Fly from the southern coast of Alaska to the largest city in Alaska through parts of western Canada. Fly a very interesting flight at high altitude and high speed over icy peaks and green forests. You will fly over Mt. Logan, Canada's tallest mountain and second tallest in North America. You will fly over numerous glaciers and snowy mountain tops. From coastal inlets to green forest. The whole trip takes a little over an hour from seaside to mountain peak and back down to the ocean.

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NA Alaska Mesh for Flight Simulator (Paid Add-on)
PANC Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport - MS Flight Simulator (Paid Add-on)
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