World Tour Part 24: The Gambia
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Bring your C208 or similar performance
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Apparently The Gambia is one of only two countries in the world that officially have “The” attached to its name. The other country is The Bahamas and The Gambia is known as ‘the smiling coast of Africa dues to the warm-hearted Gambian people. All we know is that crocodiles represent the power of fertility in the Gambia, so women who encounter problems with conceiving often visit the crocodile-infested pool to pray and wash.
1h 10m
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Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 3
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We continue our tour and fly from Leopold Sedar Senghor (GOOY) to Banjul Intl. with stops in Nguekhokh (GONG), Kaolack (GOOK) and Diofior (GODI). And don't you dare to set foot on Baboon Island, it is forbidden...

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