World Tour Part 26: Guinea
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Bring your C208 or similar performance
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Apparently Guinea is one of just four countries in the world that doesn’t have any telephone fixed lines and traditional healers are still extremely popular when it comes to treating ills. All we know is it was in the Nimba Mountains that chimpanzees were first observed using tools to chop up and reduce food into smaller bite-sized portions...
1h 20m
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Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 3
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We continue our tour and fly from Osvaldo Vieira (GGOV) to Gbessia (GUCY) with stops in Quebo (GG64), Baralande (GUOK) and Katourou (GUFA). We recommend to listen to Mory Kanté's Yéké Yéké song during the flight...

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