Appalachian Trail, Leg 1 of 5
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Mooney M20 Ovation, or any aircraft that climbs well
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Follow the 2,200-mile path of the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia in five flights... This first of five flights above the Appalachian Trail takes us over Maine and New Hampshire. From our departure field, KMLT (Millinocket Municipal, elev 408 ft) we'll fly 18nm northwest to cross Baxter's Peak (the northern terminus of the trail) at 5,260 ft.
1h 47m
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Flight Rules: VFR
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 Hikers on the trail, going around obstacles and climbing and descending, cover 281 statute miles in Maine, and 161 miles in New Hampshire, but the flight is only 268nm. Sights include Sugarloaf Mountain and Mount Washington, with its iconic hotel. We'll end this first leg at KLEB (Lebanon Municipal, elev 603 ft), just shy of the border between New Hampshire and Vermont.

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