Reykjavik to Akureyri WU 15 Let's visit Iceland
Recommended Aircraft
vans RV, VL3, Blackwing. Something nimble incase of headwinds enroute but that can stop also! ~150KTS
Flight Summary
A flight through some POIs of iceland since the nordics update.
1h 35m
Uploaded By: jeztorquay
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 6
Downloads: 339

Flying from the Capital around the coast visiting several POI's. Then cutting through the mainland with a series of small airports as a challenge whist taking in the scenery.

On departure before following the flightplan please take some time to circle the city and visit it's POI's.

Fly over Keflavik follow the coast via the lighthouse to the blue lagoon (not a POI but visable)

Then on to selfoss and inland for some scenery and tricky airports on the way

Live weather is recommended for the extra challenge, but keep it to daytime. 2 flight never the same and hopefully after enough attemps you will get to see all of the landscape!

Flight Altitudes
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