World Tour Part 35: Namibia - Back Country
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Apparently Namibia is named after the Namib Desert, which means "area where there is nothing" in the Nama languageand L├╝deritz is famous for its colonial architecture and its annual speed challenge, where wind and kitesurfers try to break the world record for the fastest sailing on water. All we know is, the Red Bull Namib Quest is a 500-kilometer mountain bike race across the Namib Desert. Six days over some of the most challenging terrain in the world...
1h 10m
Uploaded By: ColKlink
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 3
Downloads: 139

We continue our tour and fly from Hosea Kutako(FYWH) to Veronica Airfield (FYVF) with stops in Eros (FYWE), Gravenstein (FYGV) and Bitterwasser (FYHO).

We stay way clear of the gates of hell so you won't be a new addition on the Skeleton Cost...

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