New Zealand Local Series: Glentanner to Cascade Station
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Recommended Aircraft
Cessna 207, Cessna 208, Daher Kodiak, Pilatus PC-6
Flight Summary
A charter route between two NZA Simulations airfields, designed to showcase the best scenery of New Zealand's remote Southern Alps
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Flight Rules: VFR
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Today’s flight is a charter request from a group of overseas tourists who’ve been visiting nearby Mount Cook and are now wishing to fly to the South Island’s remote west coast for a wilderness tramping expedition. It is reccomended to use the 'Alpine Anticyclone' preset from the linked NZ Weather Preset pack, and set your sim time to early morning for best visual results.


You can either ferry your aircraft empty from the hanger at nearby Tekapo Aerodrome (NZTL), or start from Glentanner itself (NZGT) at the head of the glacier fed Lake Pukaki. Depart either runway, and then align with the western shoreline, heading south east, climbing up to 6500 feet to comply with standard New Zealand VFR cruise altitudes.


The GPS track will guide you along the foothills of the Ben Ohau Range, cutting across them between waypoints 2 and 3, and then popping you out to face towards Lake Ohau. From here, pick up a north westerly track along the Hopkins River up until it intersects with the Huxley River at a right angle on your port side.


Follow the steep mountain valley carved by the Huxley River up towards its source, breaking left at the Brodrick Pass to cross the main divide of the Southern Alps and descend down into the native bush clad much greener Landsborough Valley. The Landsborogh River that flows along the valley floor will take you all the way out to the coast, merging with the Haast River at WP9. As the mountaintops give way to the coastal plains, continue on the south westerly track that overflies Jackson Bay and Neils Beach, before taking you around the headland at Jackson Head.


Maintain an altitude of at least 2000 feet as you cross the broad ridgelines that run perpendicular to the coast, with WP14 aligning you for a 5 mile final for runway 11 at Cascade Station.

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Recommended Add-ons
NZA Simulations NZMF – Milford Sound Region (Paid Add-on)
NZA Simulations NZMC - Mount Cook Region (Paid Add-on)
New Zealand Weather Presets
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