USA to Afghanistan
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Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit
Flight Summary
7/10/2001 - 'Operation Enduring Freedom'. From Missouri to Diego Garcia... the longest Bombing Mission in History.
44h 18m
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Inside the Longest Bombing Run Ever · United Service Organizations (


1216hours.pdf (



*Some important points:


- The B-2's generally air-to-air refueled every 4 hours.


- The B-2's have a 2 person crew, so one would sleep during the less involved portions of the Flight (so in MSFS you can do similar if you're keen, or just fast forward time)


- Initially, 2 hours was spent over Afghanistan. Later, the Crew were asked to re-enter Afghanistan for a further 1.5 hours.





(Note: The information I was able to find for the Mission was quite good - other than where the B-2's went inside Afghanistan.

So as a compromise, I've included a few different waypoints within Afghanistan to 'tick the box'.)


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