South Vietnam to North Vietnam
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2/4/1972 - 'The Vietnam War'. The rescue of 'Bat 21 Bravo', the call sign for Iceal "Gene" Hambleton, a navigator aboard an EB-66 aircraft shot down behind North Vietnamese lines, was the "largest, longest, and most complex search-and-rescue" operation during the Vietnam War...
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Rescue of Bat 21 Bravo - Wikipedia


This Plane Made all the Difference in Vietnam — So Did its Aviators (




- The destination is the area of the Cam Lo Bridge in North Vietnam. This was where Lt. Col. Hambleton and 1st Lt. Mark Clark awaited Rescue. Hambleton was 1,000 yards over the bridge on the North side, whilst Clark was on the Southern side of the River just by the Riverbank. (Waypoints for Cam Lo Bridge, Hambleton & Clarke are as shown on the map image below)


- A movie was made of this event called 'Bat*21' back in 1988 starring Gene Hackman... Interestingly, the ending is quite different to the real thing due to available information at the time.

It was actually a Navy Seal that saved the day in the end which resulted in a Medal of Honor.


Bat 21 (  

Above: the whole Movie off Youtube!  :-)

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