POI of Calabria (Italy)
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Flight Around Calabria (South of Italy)
2h 25m
Uploaded By: ALVY55
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 0
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Tour in Calabria between the coasts and the SILA Plateau in search of FS2024 POIs. Even though there are only three POIs, the flight starts from Reggio Calabria, goes up the WEST side, and then crosses the region towards the EAST. We return to the EAST passing over the Sila Plateau, flying over the motorway and rivers, an interesting landscape.

"Cave of the Diver 38.680548 15.895933" "Isola Di Capo Rizzuto And The Aragonese Castle 38.9070736 17.0227721" "Viaduct Italy 39.9491652 15.9519262"

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