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Airbus 330 or equivalent
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Replicate Commandant Piché's flight TS 236 on August 24, 2001 with 306 people on board, which landed at Lajes after a 19-minute glide.
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On August 24, 2001, TS236 departed Toronto for Lisbon. Commandant Robert Piché was at the controls of the Air Transat Airbus 330, C-GITS. assisted by copilot Dirk de Jager. Following the failure of both engines, after two-thirds of the journey, he had to divert his aircraft for an emergency landing and successful landing, after a 19-minute glide.

Your challenge: reproduce Commandant Piché's flight. Do not attempt to copy the time of arrival at different waypoints. The important thing is that you turn off both engines at the correct waypoint.

Weather: clear weather, no wind. - Departure from Toronto (CYYZ) 20.52 (EST)  00.52 (UTC)  - Landing in Lajes (LPLA) 06.45 (UTC)  -  Flight duration : 6 hrs -

05.33 (UTC): Pilots notice a fuel imbalance. -  05.45: The captain decides to divert his aircraft to Lajes, on the island of Terceira, in the Azores. - 06.13: The right engine shuts down. - 06.26: The left engine goes out, 65 miles from Lajes.  - 06.45: Landing, runway 33, (estimated speed of TS236 at landing : 200 kts)

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