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I created this plan for my VA DC3AIRWAYS.NET. It was designed for the DC3, but any prop engine plane should be fine. The plan traces the Columbia Gorge in 3 legs of which this is the first. The others will follow NB This plan is for FSX through P3D, all updates. But a program such as Little Navmap will allow conversion to other platforms such as XPLANE AND MSFS
3h 30m
Uploaded By: Shermank
Flight Rules: IFR
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Columbia River Gorge Tour (Updated) with original credit to Sherman Kaplan You are about to undertake an adventure tour for a group of wealthy tourists. They are enchanted by the idea of flying our airline as well as the opportunity to see the Columbia River Gorge, and more from above. As pilot and tour guide you will fly VFR under ideal weather conditions. Thus, your flight plans for the three legs of this trip are conditional on the weather. To give your passengers the very best possible views, you will be flying the first two legs of your flight at 2,500 feet, climbing only when necessary to avoid terrain or low cloud formations. Remember that when flying this route as a VFR pilot, you will have wide discretion. Also remember that even though you are seeing the River and other scenery head on, your passengers can only look out their side windows. Therefore, for them to get the best out of this flight, you should alternate between the left and right banks of the river, and even circle particularly interesting points. Leg 1 will take you through the gorge East of KPDX and the many scenic wonders there. The first leg lands at Richland, which can also serve as an emergency destination in the event foul weather should develop during the flight. If prevailing winds and the control tower allow, your best approach would be on the RIBCO NDB for an ILS landing on Rwy 19. The ILS frequency is 110.50. DCA Flight No Departure Arrival NM Description Dep KPDX using Rwy 28R at Hdg 280 deg. Fly over the airport ahead in Vancouver WA Turn to 100 deg. Climb to 2500 ft Then follow the Columbia River. Mt Hood is straight ahead 622-01-01 KPDX KRLD 210 Pass Crown Point on the right bank Beacon Rock on the left bank, Then Multnomah Falls, Follow the river over Bonneville Dam with Mt Hood to the south , Dalles Dam is just ahead. After Dalles Dam just follow the river heading ENE Tune NAV to 108.4 for VOR/DME PSC Past Pasco Airport. You will see KRLD at you 10 o’clock. Follow the river north and turn around for your southern ILS approach. You may see the Hanford Nuclear Reservation at the turn on the west side of the Columbia River. Land Rwy 19 Altitude 390 feet 187 deg Altitude 2500 Your second leg, 662-01-02 will take you from Richland to a tour of the Grand Coulee Dam. he

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ORBX scenery is best for this flight (Paid Add-on)
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