Calling All Racers! Albania: The Drin River Race - LAKU to LAGJ
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Icon A5
Flight Summary
I found the Drin river when flying around Albania and noticed how unusually detailed it was, the mesh is perfect for the entire course and it has a few dams to fly over, which makes for a pretty good racecourse to fly with friends!
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Flight Rules: VFR
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At the start of each race, please position your aircraft on top of the runway’s painted number 19, this will be the race starting position.

You must fly underneath the very first bridge in the flight plan (It’s safe, I’ve tried), this will ensure we are all entering the course at the same point.

The finish line is the dam adjacent to the Vau i Dejës Hydroelectric Power Station. This is also marked as “FINISH” on the flight plan. (Coordinates: 42.019315, 19.626608).



• You must use the unmodified Icon A5 for all three races.

• From the first bridge, you must always stay within the width of the river.

• From the first bridge, your aircraft must always be above water (except when flying over dams).

• Cutting corners is not permitted.



Before the race starts, position your aircraft on top of the runway’s painted number 19, enable the parking brake, remove flaps, and provide full thrust. This will keep the aircraft stationery until the race begins, at which point you only need to release the parking brake to begin taking off.

Dial in your trim before taking off – I find setting the trim in the region of -0.2 keeps the Icon A5 in level flight.

Height is your enemy – vertical height only adds length to the course, so stay as low as possible, but try to avoid skimming the water, as it will slow your speed slightly.

Smoothness is key – The Icon A5 is a low powered aircraft, so being smooth through the twists and turns will reward you with faster overall speeds.

Keep your VFR map open - the path of the river isn’t always obvious to follow.

Turn off crash damage, aircraft stress damage, and engine stress damage – this is supposed to be fun!

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